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Founder, Content Creator, Maker

Jane Doe



Jane Doe


Founder, Software Engineer, Designer


Artify is founded by two local artists. Growing up, handmade craftsmanship and street art have continued to move and inspire us. There is just something about seeing an artist create something as unique as you. So, we decided to bring our creativity to quality handcrafted and personalized products for you.


Our mission is to spread happiness, creativity and inspiration. Through our small business, we strive to provide value through handmade products. Each item is one of a kind and uniquely designed for you and your pets. We thoroughly check the quality of our products and support local suppliers and businesses in Canada. As pet lovers ourselves, we only provide products that we believe in, and ones loved by our dog. We hope you and your lovely pets enjoy our craft as much as we do!

Art provides us a space to express our creativity free from inhibition and judgment. It continues to bring hope and joy into our lives. We would love to share our passion for authenticity and quality craftsmanship with you. So, let us Artify your life with nothing but good vibes.